Bangkok Express Thai Cuisine

Here at Bangkok Express, we serve delectable Thai fusion cuisine in a clean, light-filled, downtown setting. We use traditional and innovative ingredients in all of our dishes strive to create an eye-pleasing and elegant presentation. A perfect Thai dish uses chilies, lemongrass, garlic, Kaffir lime and more to balance the flavors of sweet, salty, sour and spicy – and a meal at Bangkok Express is a perfect balance of deliciousness, convenience and luxury!

Our menu is vast and designed to please a variety of palates. Try an appetizer: perhaps one of our fresh rolls, a rice paper wrapped delight served with our special sauce. Or enjoy the classic Thai chicken satay with cucumber salad and peanut sauce. If you're with a group, you might like to get our Combo Platter, which has some of our favorite appetizers on one plate for sharing.

More About Us!

We use authentic Thai spices and ingredients in our highly flavored noodle, rice and soup selections. Everyone loves Pad Thai, and ours is redolent with tamarind and the perfect blend of sweet, spicy and delicious. We offer noodle dishes you won't see in your average Thai restaurant, including flat noodle dishes with seafood, duck or meat. All of our soups are based in a hearty, flavorful broth accented with vegetables, peppers, and Thai spices like galangal, lemongrass and Thai basil. Our entrees are also big winners, with pan-Asian offerings as well as traditional Thai favorites. For instance, customers can choose fiery Prik Khing, with vegetables, meat and hot red chili or the old favorite, Orange Chicken.

Curries are a specialty here at Bangkok Express. We serve Pumpkin and Duck curry alongside more familiar options like Panang, Red, Yellow and Green curry. Each one is distinctive, flavored with hand-ground chilies, but all are incredible. We have a wide dessert and drink selection as well. Don't forget to order some of our Thai iced coffee or sticky rice with mango for dessert.

Whether you sit inside or outside on our sunny patio, you can be sure that the service and Bangkok Express Thai Cuisine will offer you a memorable and satisfying experience.